Neeraj Dharmadhikari

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA · · Pronouns: He, Him, His

Welcome to my doorway to the world. I'm a first year Master's Student of Computer Science at UC Irvine and I'm obsessed with coding. Whether you are a friend or a recruiter, you will find all the information about my experiences, skills, and projects if you scroll below. Currently I'm seeking internships & co-ops for Summer 2021.
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    Software Engineering Intern

  • Bizmatics Inc.

- Replaced Bizmatics's 8-year-old UI components with modernized web interfaces that meet today's standards of responsive UI/UX using Figma and Java Server Pages

- Created a gateway of SMS texting using Java for clients to send reminders to patients using a web service and saving the company over 50% costs on International texting

Summer 2020

    Software Engineering Intern

  • Bizmatics Inc.

- Developed a robust data import program using JDBC & Microsoft SQL that can map over 30K patient-dataentries into our software overnight

- Coordinated with new clients to help them seamlessly transition into using Bizmatics's software 'PrognoCIS'

- Designed filterable reports for EMR tracking utilized by the health clinics

Summer 2019

    Teaching Assistant & Lab Tutor

  • CIS Computer Lab

- Assisted Professor in teaching students, and making step-by-step videos of problem solving for x86, MIPS, C++, IDE set-ups, and debugging that can be found here: De Anza College Technical tutorials

- Held office hours in the computer lab to answer questions visiting students had about their assignments for 3 days a week for 4 quarters

Fall 2017-Fall 2018

Other Jobs

    Graduate Housing Resident Advisor (RA)

- Synonomous with Housing Assistant of graduate community

- Provide after-hours assistance to Campus Village Graduate Residents by developing, planning and implementing community activities and participating in Campus Village staff functions

- Serve as a live-in resource person to both residents and staff so as to meet the goals of the Residential Education Program

Fall 2020-Current

    Campus Village Student Association Executive Board - President

- Served as the leader of an advocacy group to address residents’ needs, provide quality community-building and service programs

- Worked cooperatively with the Residence Life professional and student staff teams to create an environment that promotes consideration of individual needs within a diverse undergraduate housing community

Summer 2019-Spring 2020


  • Master of Science
    Computer Science - Currently enrolled in first year of the program

    GPA: 3.55         Dean's Honor List

    Expected June 2022

  • Bachelor of Science
    Computer Science - Specialization in Artificial Intelligence

    GPA: 3.72         Dean's Honor List

    Received June 13th, 2020

    Graduate Coursework

    Principles of Data Management Analysis of Programming Languages User Interface Design & Evaluation Research Seminar
    Graduate Level Algorithms Analysis of Algorithm & Design Ubiquitious Computing Multimedia Systems
    Data Structures Compiler and System Security

    Undergraduate Coursework

    Data Structures/Algorithms Advanced Java Programming Advanced Python Programming Assembly Language (MIPS/x86)
    Machine Learning Software Engineering Principles Database Management/SQL Intermediate C++ Programming
    Computer Vision & Photography Intro to Computer Organization Graph Algorithm Optimization Intro to Artificial Intelligence
    Project in Machine Learning Graphical Model Optimization Next-Generational Search Systems Probability/Statistics in CS
    Principles in OS Design Information Retrieval Multivariable Calculus Linear Algebra


    Goal-Setting Application Design in Supporting Mental Health with Dr. Elena Agapie

    There are plenty of Therapy apps on AppStore or GooglePlay intended to help users learn self-care techniques and improve their mental health. Many of them have some level of free content; however, since these apps are primarily commercial, there are also a lot of features that require paid subscriptions. As an advocate for therapy who uses mobile applications like Sanvello and Headspace, I knew right away I wanted to join this research project. Currently, I'm a member of a 3-person team tasked with mapping the design space for goal-setting mobile applications that implement Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Problem Solving Therapy (PST). My team and I are in progress of conducting formative research to gauge how therapists and patients collaborate in designing and implementing behavior goals. We intend to finish the research in the next month or so and write a Poster Paper containing our results.

    Developing an Angular Application for Tapering Dosages for Patients with Dr. Daniel Epstein

    Beginning of Winter Quarter of 2021, I joined the "Personal Informatics Everyday (PIE)" Development Lab at UC Irvine and took on learning how to use Angular and code in Typescript. Using my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript and my experience using REST API, I am now in charge of developing an application that will help Doctors and Patients collaborate in tapering medicine dosages over time. The goal beginning Spring Quarter is for me to convert a lot of Figma/Adobe XD screenshots to functional Angular applications using Ionic.


    Programming Languages
    Development Tools
    • Agile Development & Scrum
    • Mobile-First, Responsive Design Cross Browser
    • Testing & Debugging
    • Cross Functional Teams


    Achievements and Leadership Positions

    • Coursera Certificate in Machine Learning
    • Github Arctic Code Vault Contributor Badge
    • Campus Village Housing Assistant
    • Campus Village Student Association President
    • Cupertino High School Marching Band - Drum Major
    • Cupertino High School Class of 2016 Student Council - Social Manager


    Apart from being a software developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I love hiking and finding new locations with great views. I'm a huge fan of photography as well as digital art. In my free time, I love to stay active in the gym or play basketball. When I'm inside, I enjoy playing video games, painting, and editing videos.

    My winters are dedicated to binging Netflix/Hulu in bed with a hot cup of cocoa. I am an aspiring chef and also love exploring the latest technological advancements. I live for the adreneline of watching and playing sports, especially basketball and volleyball. Finally, in the case I haven't made it obvious from my website design, my favorite color is DARK TEAL.



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