Neeraj Dharmadhikari

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA · · Pronouns: He, Him, His

Creative and people-oriented Computer Science major with a passion for design and problem solving. Experience with multiple programming languages and a variety of development software and tools.


    Software Engineering Intern

  • Bizmatics Inc.

- Designed and developed new web interfaces to replace Bizmatics's 8-year-old UI components in order to help the software meet modern standards of responsive UI/UX using Figma and JSP

- Created a gateway of SMS texting for clients to be able to send reminder texts to their patients using REST API and saving over 50% cost on International texting

Summer 2020

    Software Engineering Intern

  • Bizmatics Inc.

- Developed a robust data import program requested by Bizmatics using JDBC that can flawlessly map over 30K patient data entries into our software overnight

- Coordinated with new clients to help them seamlessly transition from their old software into using Bizmatics's software 'PrognoCIS'

- Designed filterable reports for EMR tracking utilized by the health clinics

Summer 2019

    Teaching Assistant & Lab Tutor

  • CIS Computer Lab

- Assisted Professor in teaching students, and making step-by-step videos of problem solving for x86, MIPS, C++, IDE set-ups, and debugging that can be found here: De Anza College Technical tutorials

- Held office hours in the computer lab to answer questions visiting students had about their assignments for 3 days a week for 4 quarters

Fall 2017-Fall 2018


  • Master of Science
    Computer Science - Currently enrolled in first year of the program

    GPA: 4.0        

    Expected June 2022
  • Bachelor of Science
    Computer Science - Specialization in Artificial Intelligence

    GPA: 3.72         Dean's Honor List

    Received June 13th, 2020

    Graduate Coursework

    Principles of Data Management Analysis of Programming Languages User Interface Design & Evaluation Research Seminar

    Undergraduate Coursework

    Data Structures/Algorithms Advanced Java Programming Advanced Python Programming Assembly Language (MIPS/x86)
    Machine Learning Software Engineering Principles Database Management/SQL Intermediate C++ Programming
    Computer Vision & Photography Intro to Computer Organization Graph Algorithm Optimization Intro to Artificial Intelligence
    Project in Machine Learning Graphical Model Optimization Next-Generational Search Systems Probability/Statistics in CS
    Principles in OS Design Information Retrieval Multivariable Calculus Linear Algebra


    Programming Languages
    Development Tools
    • Agile Development & Scrum
    • Mobile-First, Responsive Design Cross Browser
    • Testing & Debugging
    • Cross Functional Teams


    Achievements and Leadership Positions

    • Coursera Certificate in Machine Learning
    • Github Arctic Code Vault Contributor Badge
    • Campus Village Housing Assistant
    • Campus Village Student Association President
    • Cupertino High School Marching Band - Drum Major
    • Cupertino High School Class of 2016 Student Council - Social Manager


    Apart from being a software developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I love hiking and finding new locations with great views. I'm a huge fan of photography as well as digital art. In my free time, I love to stay active in the gym or play basketball. When I'm inside, I enjoy playing video games, painting, and editing videos.

    My winters are dedicated to binging Netflix/Hulu in bed with a hot cup of cocoa. I am an aspiring chef and also love exploring the latest technological advancements. I live for the adreneline of watching and playing sports, especially basketball and volleyball. Finally, in the case I haven't made it obvious from my website design, my favorite color is DARK TEAL.



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