Coding Projects

Here are some of my best coding projects incorporating different computer science concepts ranging from Machine Learning and Computer Vision to Search Systems and Android Development. Click on Project titles to go to their respective github repositories.

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"Know Before You Go"

Grad Level Human Centered Design Course Project: Creating a prototype for an application that can be used during the COVID-19 Pandemic that will warn people about which potentially crowded places to avoid as well as updated restaurant policies.


Prototype application created for Ubiquitous Computing Grad Course of how to use the multitude of sensors availible on devices in order to make everyday tasks easier to manage.

Relational Database (In Progress)

Grad Level Database project class: Creating my very own database from ground up with a paged-file-manager, record-based-file-manager, relational-manager, indexing system, and a query search engine.

Distracted Driver Detection

Given a total of 22.4K images of distracted drivers, my team was able to implement Convolutional Neural Networks (Resnet18) in order tole to detect when a driver is distracted and what the distraction activity is with a validation accuracy of 99.6%!

Face Swap

Being inspired by Snapchat's face swap filters, this project lets the user select two faces and their corresponding facial features to swap and morph them. Check out my example with two NBA Players in my github repository!

Object Detection

Inspired by the ability of camera's to figure out where the faces are in the digital picture frame, this project uses histogram oriented gradient descriptors to find faces or any given objects in a photo.

Specifit Health App

This android application lets users find the healthiest places near them to eat. If the user has set a specific goal in terms of weight, then lets them keep track of the nutritional information of their food with an automated daily calorie counter!

Checkers Player AI

Developed a smart algorithm that can play checkers using personalized complex heuristic functions and alpha-beta pruning. My project partner and I placed in top 20 in our class of 180+ students.

Personalized Search Engine

Search Engine created to crawl through all possible sites hosted by UCI, tokenize all the content, and create an Inverted Index/Indexer for quick look ups. Also includes a really cool user-friendly, industry standard front-end for searching